Top 10 JSF Blogs of 2019

Jan 6, 2020

As we embark on a New Year and a new search for the next innovative health startups to join the Jumpstart Foundry Portfolio, we thought we’d take a minute to look back at the invaluable trends and insights we’ve gained from our research and experiences over the past year preparing us for what’s to come in the next decade.

2019 brought many new and exciting experiences for JSF. We welcomed many leading healthcare innovators and investors into our space, explored new collaborations with eager healthcare companies looking to scale, celebrated major milestones like hosting the first annual JSF Founder’s Summit—and we were delighted to share each moment here with you on our blog and on social media.

As we begin the new year, we’re taking a look back at some of our most memorable moments with a blog dedicated to The Top 10 JSF Blogs of 2019. A great way to keep up with our content is to follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to make sure you don’t miss anything in 2020!


#10 How to Build an Effective Pitch Deck

You have an idea. You may even have a product. Now you need a larger chunk of capital to really get the ball rolling. If you’re looking to raise funds for your startup, crafting a great pitch deck is key.

Not sure where to start? As one of the most active VC funds in the US, we see a lot of pitch decks. It’s safe to say we know what works and what doesn’t, so we’ve created a FREE pitch deck template that’s sure to get you the funding you need. Check out the blog for more tips and download the free pitch deck here.

#9 Meet Jumpstart’s New COO – Brian Dougherty!

Back in September 2019, we added a very important new member to our team, Brian Dougherty, COO of Jumpstart Foundry.

“We are honored to have Brian join our team. His deep experience in healthcare, software development and operations management will bring tremendous momentum to Jumpstart and our unique investment models,” said Vic Gatto, fearless leader and CEO of the company.

Check out the full press release to learn more about Brian, his background and everything he’s doing for JSF.

#8 Top Startup Advice from Healthcare Founders

There is no lack of startup advice and entrepreneurial resources on the web, however; much of this insight has been watered-down so it can be applied across multiple industries. Generalized advice tends to be ineffective for those looking for healthcare-specific guidance and at worst, can even be destructive for healthcare startups as it can point founders in the wrong direction.

Our blog, The Top Startup Advice from Healthcare Founders is a tailored collection of top startup advice FROM healthcare founders FOR healthcare startups, just like you!

#7 Debate: Is Healthcare Actually Evolving or is it Just Staying the Same?

Coming in at #7, a debate between Managing Director, Eller Mallchok and Jumpstart Foundry CEO, Vic Gatto.

Vic and Eller work closely together in managing the investments at Jumpstart Foundry. However, they have an ongoing (mostly) friendly debate about how innovation will play out in the marketplace. Through their individual experiences and expectations, these two look at the healthcare industry through different lenses.

#6 The Official 2019 Jumpstart Foundry Summit Recap

2019 was a major year for JSF as we held our first-ever annual Jumpstart Foundry Founder’s Summit! The event was a massive success as cohorts of the JSF portfolio from all across the country gathered in Nashville for a two-day celebration of their hard work and to enjoy the opportunity to learn and grow together.

Read the full blog to find out what happened as we brought together some of the most innovative founders in healthcare with top business advisers to our hometown of Nashville, one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the country!

#5 Next Gen Venture Capital: The JSF Way

Traditional venture capitalism fails to consistently deliver risk-adjusted returns. They all have the same strategy of taking shots in the dark, basing investments on gut feelings or relying on personal relationships for deal-flow.

Success for a venture capital firm is contingent on its investment’s success (i.e. exit, acquisition). So, how come most startups fail? Lack of product/market need! If the success of a VC firm is based on the success of the startup, it’s quite important that market necessity is top of mind. Read the full blog for a deeper look.

#4 Bright Spot: How cliexa is Tackling the Chronic Disease Space

We love that cliexa’s Q&A was one of our most popular pieces of content in 2019. This interview is a real-life success story from one of our thriving portfolio companies, which your company can also be part of if you apply for funding!

Learn how cliexa is tackling the chronic disease management space through mobile platforms in this Q&A with founder, Mehmet Kazgan.

#3 How To Get $h!t Done with Responsibility Matrixes by JSF COO, Brian Dougherty

Our new COO, Brian Dougherty, can do it all! Manage company operations, fix tech issues AND write great blogs!

In number three on our list, Brian explains that, “you’ve got the get shit done to be successful!” He dives into effective strategies and the thinking behind them to help keep your organization on track and make sure everyone is doing their part.

#2 Top Remote Work Spots in Nashville

Ahhh, working remotely. Sometimes it’s a such a treat to get out of the office and into your own world. Whether you’re a full-time entrepreneur or student looking for a quiet place to study, not all spots are made alike…free wifi, ample outlets and a great atmosphere are required. Not sure where to go? We’ve got you covered.

#1 5 Healthcare Hubs To Consider For Your Health Tech Startup

Drumroll please!.. The number one JSF blog of 2019! While most think of Silicon Valley when it comes to growing innovative tech companies, for healthcare startups, there are better-suited options.

New hubs for health-focused startups continue to emerge as digital health companies lay roots in metro areas like Nashville, Denver, Boston, Atlanta and Chicago. Understanding the available resources, organizations to partner with and funding sources in each city is crucial when deciding where you should launch your healthcare startup.

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