Meet the Jumpstart Team

Mar 3, 2019

vic gatto

Vic Gatto, Founder & CEO

Vic has made over 200 investments in early-stage companies within healthcare, medical devices, diagnostic tools, technology, and data analytics.

Vic was the seed investor in Change Healthcare, which recently filed for IPO. He helped grow the company from concept to a multi-billion enterprise.

After 14 years as a traditional venture capitalist, Vic launched Jumpstart Foundry (JSF) in 2014. Designed to be a new type of healthcare investment platform, JSF provides growth capital, access to customers and the right talent to give great healthcare products and services the best chance for success. By flipping the script on traditional investing, JSF targets real industry pain points and works with existing stakeholders to innovate collaboratively, to proven success. Since its founding, Jumpstart Foundry has invested in 78 companies.

Vic lives in Nashville with his wife and two sons. He has a graduate degree from Vanderbilt’s Owen School of Management and a BA from Amherst College. Vic is a member of the Nashville Healthcare Council’s Fellow program.

eller mallchok

Eller Mallchok, Managing Director

Meet Eller! She describes herself as having a dichotomous personality: a strong appreciation for fine wines and a good gas station hotdog. Eller oversees the management and strategic direction of our annual Seed Fund with CEO, Vic Gatto. She also leads investor relations and management of our portfolio of 78 healthcare companies from across the country.

Gabe LaurenceGabe Laurence, Investment Analyst

Meet our Investment Analyst, Gabe Laurence. Gabe is in charge of sourcing companies for our annual seed fund. He loves strong coffee and a good cold beer. He also just published his in-depth report on the rise of the direct-to-consumer model for healthcare companies. Check it out here.

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