Patient Forecaster


Eggschain is a digital health company that is a thought leader in the fertility, female-Healthtech, family-building and cryogenic preservation industries.

We are patent-granted and cloud-based. We provide an intermediary that facilities IVF procedures, egg-freezing, sperm-freezing, and donor process. We lead the thinking on chain of custody tracking of bio specimens, including sperm, eggs, embryos, genome, stem cell, tissues and organs, and other genetic material. Also, we provide fertility doctor approved information and educate women, men, family and partners on how best to have a baby, and how to make decisions.

On the B2B side, we make inventory-managing bio specimens and equipment more accurate, faster and easier. We help prevent mistakes and help labs run more efficiently. Hospitals, physician’s labs, high complexity labs, prenatal screen labs and newborn screening labs, toxicology, chemistry labs, and otherlabs benefit from our service.