Medecipher Solutions

Patient Forecaster


Medecipher has introduced an online decision support platform for emergency department nursing managers to proactively staff and schedule nurses to meet patient demand. Medecipher’s flagship platform Flo is a cloud-based solution to drive annual, monthly, and daily nurse staffing decisions from a single operations-focused source of truth that incorporates each hospital’s unique position control, budgetary, nursing preference, and ease-of-use constraints. Flo is proven to reduce staff churn, improve operations, maintain safer staffing levels, and improve staff and provider satisfaction. Our leadership team is made up of industry veterans in operations research, hospital operations strategy, and IT/Informatics. We have a technical staff of engineers and data scientists. The team has extensive experience in clinical operations management, health IT, and data privacy and security. Medecipher’s sophisticated mathematical approaches will become the turning point in optimizing health system operational performance.