The Pitch Deck Investors Really Want Startups To Use

Don’t lose a valuable investment because of a bad pitch deck.

Download our template approved by Jumpstart Foundry’s CEO Vic Gatto, to be sure your deck is set up for success.


Win over investors and land capital by using a pitch deck approved by investors.

Your pitch deck is the first introduction most investors have of you and your company. If you tell too much, too little, or present yourself in a way that isn’t representative of your brand, you can miss out on a valuable investment.

This video and deck template includes:

  • Why the pitch deck for the FIRST meeting should look different from future meetings with investors
  • What to say and what not to say to land your second meeting
  • The magic number of words per slide to increase comprehension

Download the Pitch Deck Template Investors Prefer!


Hear From Vic Why This Deck Works

Simple, To-The-Point, Effective
As the CEO of the venture capital firm, Jumpstart Foundry, and an investor himself, Vic Gatto reviews hundred of pitches a year. In this video, Vic shares what to include and what to leave out in a successful fundraising pitch.

Download the deck to view the entire video.

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