The Jumpstart Refinery: A New Online Networking Community for Healthcare Founders

Aug 25, 2020

The Jumpstart Refinery: A New Online Networking Community for Healthcare Founders and Entrepreneurs

At Jumpstart, we realize that too often, investors do little beyond providing capital to help founders succeed. Beyond capital, healthcare founders and other entrepreneurs need a network of like-minded professionals to help them grow their startups; as well as access to educational resources and job opportunities to help them grow in their careers.

We at Jumpstart recognize and believe that in order to truly drive innovation in health, we needed to provide a place where all healthcare professionals could gather virtually to collaborate and support one another. For this reason, we are excited to launch the Jumpstart Refinery – our new online healthcare networking community designed for all healthcare founders and entrepreneurs looking to expand their network, learn and grow with others passionate about driving innovation in health.


About the Jumpstart Refinery

The JS Refinery is an online healthcare community where healthcare founders and entrepreneurs can connect, grow and learn with others who are all looking to change the future of healthcare.

Through the Jumpstart Refinery, founders and entrepreneurs not only gain access to one of the most powerful healthcare networks in the world, but also startup educational resources, exclusive events and job opportunities that can help propel your career.


Why All Healthcare Entrepreneurs Should Join the Refinery

The Jumpstart Refinery was created for both our portfolio companies and other healthcare entrepreneurs looking to build impactful networks that can drive business growth. We have seen how powerful connections have benefited our portfolio companies over the last five years. We are excited to extend similar resources to other entrepreneurs who are seeking to create change with their innovative ideas in healthcare.

Here are four reasons why all entrepreneurs should join the JS Refinery:

1. Access Networking Opportunities and Industry Topical Discussions

The benefits that come with being a part of a strong and powerful network cannot be emphasized enough. In the JS Refinery, you have the opportunity to join discussion groups specific to your interests and industry for more fruitful conversations with
industry-professionals ready to collaborate and discuss relevant topics with you.

In addition, you can share your thoughts and experiences with other entrepreneurs going through similar experiences as you. Our goal is to create a space where you can collaborate with others and grow your industry knowledge so you are ultimately better prepared to address and overcome the challenges that will come your way as a healthcare founder.

Jumpstart Refinery Networking

 2. Explore Exclusive Events


Attending professional development and networking events can be crucial to the success of your healthcare business as an entrepreneur. The JS Refinery provides access and updates to exclusive events and webinars that are tailored for healthcare entrepreneurs, and only available to the Jumpstart network. These events are designed specifically to provide insights for healthcare entrepreneurs like you.


3. Tap Into To Helpful Educational Resources


In order to grow as a founder or entrepreneur, you should always continue to learn. In the JS Refinery, you can access educational resources on trending topics relevant to healthcare startups and entrepreneurs. These resources are designed to help you navigate some of the most common challenges healthcare founders and entrepreneurs face when running a startup.


4. Find the Right Talent


Having the right team in your startup is crucial to the success of your company. When forming your team for your healthcare business, you need talented professionals that not only have the expertise you need to run your business, but also share your passion and possess the drive needed to grow your company. In the JS Refinery, you can post available jobs to our network of qualified people best suited to provide the support you need for your healthcare startup.

Start Making Powerful Connections Today!

Join the Jumpstart Refinery to grow, connect and learn with other entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals just like you.

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