The X-Factor

Jan 26, 2018

If you’re a startup founder, you’re probably used to the multi-tasking and context switching that comes with the gig.  One minute you’re operating as the CEO, COO, and / or CFO, and the next, you’re focused on product development, customer acquisition strategy and customer success.   Let’s not forget the energy – or at least what’s left of it – that you’re focusing on fundraising and meeting payroll, all while being available for the inevitable fire drill that could pop up at anytime.  Sound familiar?

The life of a Founder is a busy one, filled with long days, late nights and plenty of priority juggling.  With all of the seemingly competing responsibilities, it’s easy for founders to de-prioritize what we believe at Jumpstart is the secret sauce, and that is Your Culture & Your People.


If I’ve learned anything in my time working with startups in the Jumpstart ecosystem, it’s this: you can get a lot of things right, but if you get your people and your culture wrong, there’s a pretty good chance you’re not going to make it.

At Jumpstart, we believe two things:

#1. All things being equal, talent and culture are the X-factor

#2. You can’t build a great company without great people

These ideals are so central to our value system that we’ve designed our company, our culture and our services around them.  Not only will we give you money ($$$cha-ching!), but we’ll collaborate with you on your organizational design (which is basically just a fancy way of saying “how your organization is set up”),  we’ll identify the right strategic advisors that align with your current stage and future growth goals, and we’ll strategize with you on how to create a culture that attracts and retains top talent.  Sure, having a great product is cool, but having a kick-ass culture with kick-ass people is magic.

Your culture matters to us and it should matter to you, too. Call me biased, but I’m of the opinion that of all the things that make Jumpstart an ideal partner for your startup, this one should be at the top of the list.

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