Portfolio Profile: Doc & I

Apr 3, 2019

Today we have Brad Becker, CEO of Doc&I on our Portfolio Profiles series.

Brad lives in Chicago his wife and 1 year-old son, Blake. He enjoys running and sports, but has limited timing while also managing his company. Brad started Doc & I after 10 years in big pharma. He recognized the lack of transparency in medication pricing was a massive problem, “ Because of our unique insight from the pharmaceutical industry, we realized the solution needed to start at the point-of-care for providers as opposed to being consumer focused,” says Brad.

Q: Describe your company culture

Humble, inquisitive and resilient. There’s a lot we don’t know. We are always asking questions and never simply accept the first answer we receive or rely on our assumptions. Most importantly we aren’t stopping. The challenges we face are a critical and welcomed part of the journey helping us grow and push forward.

Q: What are you excited about with your company heading into the future?

The number of our nations most vulnerable patients and community clinics that we can help access life saving medications and keep their doors open.

Q: How has JSF helped you and/or played a role in the story of your company?

Supportive with whatever we need and whenever we need it. This could include introductions, advice or just acting as a supportive sounding board.

Q: What qualities do you need to succeed as a founder?

Know your weaknesses, be able to identify exceptional people to fill your weaknesses, and convince those people to be insane enough to join you on your journey

Q: What resource would you recommend to other entrepreneurs?

Get real world experience – get out there and make mistakes. No book or podcast can compare.

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