Bright Spot: How cliexa is Tackling the Chronic Disease Space

Jul 17, 2019

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The list of “what’s wrong” in healthcare in longer than a CVS receipt, so we are highlighting companies that are Making Something Better in health.

Less complaining, more doing. This week, we’re learning how cliexa is tackling the chronic disease management space through mobile platforms.

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As much as we invest in companies, we invest in the Founders. Meet Mehmet. Mehmet Kazgan is driven, passionate, and intelligent

Mehmet is originally from Turkey and now lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and 10 year-old son. As a family, they enjoy all things active like completing triathlons, skiing and doing yoga. Mehmet and his wife are currently training for their 6th marathon together coming in 2019.

Since joining the 2018 JSF portfolio, cliexa has seen exponential growth in the last 9 months. We were able to catch Mehmet for a Q&A on his company and learn more about how cliexa unleashes the power of patient-reported outcomes for HealthTech.

Jumpstart Foundry’s Take:

Over the past 100 years, the most common diseases have progressed from infectious to chronic. Chronic diseases e.g. heart disease, diabetes, obesity, are often preventable and frequently manageable with lifestyle adjustments. With chronic diseases, the need to monitor the condition is long-term and a key aspect to health.

*Quotes have been lightly edited for clarity

Q: Tell us about your healthcare startup, cliexa

A: cliexa stands for CLinical EXcellence Algorithms. It is mobile platforms that enable patients  to track their chronic disease activity with scientifically-proven and clinically-validated scoring  models. The platform feeds real-time disease activity scores and medication to EMR systems. Entering  market with a focus on Rheumatoid Arthritis with plans to launch in other disease states.
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I always wanted to do something with to help with patients and their quality of life. I always imagined the future of healthcare and AI will depend on quantification of disease activity and other patient reported outcomes. Rheumatoid Arthritis was the first condition I was introduced to with one of my physician partners and we built the first application in early 2016.

My team is formed of technologists, physicians, business executives and healthcare executives. We work out of the Catalyst HTI building in Denver. It is a wonderful environment for healthcare innovation.

Q: Describe your company culture in three words

A: Whether you’re competing in an IRONMAN or managing chronic pain, it takes…

Dedication ✓ Ambition ✓ A little bit of craziness ✓

We have the passion to improve healthcare with lots of enthusiasm which brings resiliency and believe in integrity to build the right platform to be able to provide better quality of live to patients.

Q: How has JSF played a role in the story of your company?

A: Our first official conference cliexa has been featured right after Boomtown Accelerator Program was Health:Further 2016 and cliexa has been one of the startups invited to showcase. We have been amazed to see Nashville, Health:Further and power of collaboration. In 2018, we have been selected as one of the JSF Portfolio companies and through JSF we have been introduced to amazing connections, advisors from AMA to HCA and other health systems which expanded our outreach right away.

Q: What is your advice to other healthcare entrepreneurs?

A: Healthcare technology startup journey is the longest and rockiest one to success. You need experience and resiliency backed by a supportive family.

Book recommendation: Traction by Gino Wickman

Free tool recommendations: Microsoft Azure, Google Docs and Google Forms

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