We Are Excited To Introduce The JSF Q2 2024 Cohort!

Jun 9, 2024

Introducing The JSF Second Quarter 2024 Cohort!

We couldn’t be more excited to officially present the JSF Q2 2024 Cohort. We look forward to partnering with each of these companies on our quest to ‘Make Something Better in Healthcare’

The 3 companies in our Q1 2024 Cohort are:

Allergy Butler (www.allergybutler.com) – Consumer Health Products/Services
“Allergy Butler provides permanent allergy relief through an over-the-counter toothpaste. Just by brushing your teeth each day you can get permanent relief of your allergies. You will no longer need to take antihistamines or allergy shots.
DMEconnected (www.linkedin.com/company/dmeconnected) – Tech Enabled Healthcare Services
“DMEconnected offers a streamlined, Amazon-like experience, enabling medical teams to efficiently order medical equipment and services tailored to patients’ needs. Medical teams can easily locate the ideal service providers based on criteria such as proximity to the patient’s zip code, product availability, insurance acceptance, and other payment options. DMEconnected’s insurance feature ultimately reduces patients’ co-payments, leading to substantial cost savings.”
Navipoint Health (www.navipointhealth.com) – Consumer Health Products/Services
“Navipoint Health is a precision health and wellness company. They have built a proprietary AI-platform to analyze multi-dimensional data for an individual to generate highly personalized and precise recommendations on food, supplements and lifestyle, targeting mental health issues. The multi-dimensional analysis includes analyzing the state of gut-health, underlying genetic risks, drug-gene interactions, and current diet/lifestyle factors. All of this data is taken together, and analyzed through the platform, to generate high precision findings and gut-optimization recommendations.”

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