We Are Excited To Introduce The JSF Fall 2023 Cohort!

Dec 5, 2023

We are thrilled to officially present the exceptional JSF Fall 2023 Cohort. The level of innovation showcased by this distinctive group of startups is truly groundbreaking, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing how each company, with the support of Jumpstart Foundry, will MAKE SOMETHING BETTER® in healthcare!

The 8 companies in our Fall 2023 Cohort include:

American Medical Wallet LLC

Paradym Health, Inc.

Computing ReApplied

Locera Vision

Home Health Pro LLC




Please refer below for detailed descriptions of each company:

American Medical Wallet LLC
Founders: Neil Schamban, Luis Lopez

American Medical Wallet is an AI-powered, revolutionary mobile app that empowers providers to easily control and manage their own essential data. This will streamline healthcare credentialing for many practitioners. Their team of experts combines industry knowledge with innovative AI technology to create solutions that simplify the lives of healthcare professionals.

Dr. Neil Schamban brings a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years as both a healthcare executive and entrepreneur. Dr. Schamban has established multiple healthcare companies that have successfully exited to both financial and strategic buyers and served millions of patients across the country.

With over 29 years of technical industry experience, Lopez brings expertise in web and app development, automation, data science, AI, and robotics to American Medical Wallet. As a lead project scientist and systems architect, Lopez has successfully led multi-million dollar software projects.

Paradym Health, Inc.

Founder: Courtney Carlsson

Paradym Health is a transformative 2 sided platform that empowers clients to elevate their emotional well-being and fast-track their psychological progress. For clinicians on the other side of the platform, Paradym propels them towards providing superior care to a therapy ready client base.

Courtney Carlsson is the Founder & CEO at Paradym Health, reshaping mental healthcare for 1.7 billion globally. With a track record of driving substantial growth, including overseeing $52 million in sales at LVMH and achieving triple-digit growth in a global division at The Row, her mission is to drive impactful change in global healthcare. Her diverse experience spans roles at LinkedIn and Soma Analytics, a mental health startup acquired by Prenetics Health, amplifying her commitment to transformative healthcare solutions.

Computing ReApplied

Founder: Sohrab Singh Seera

Computing ReApplied revolutionizes data management in medical research by offering a Wix-like, low-code platform that empowers medical professionals to tailor applications for their specific research and clinical needs. Leveraging AI for efficient and precise data analysis, their platform significantly enhances the accuracy and speed of data capture.

An alumnus of the University of Washington with a focus on Data Science and Entrepreneurship, Sohrab Singh Seera began his journey at Seattle Children’s Hospital, where he pioneered data-driven solutions in medical research. As the founder of C-RA, he leads the development of innovative healthcare technologies, including a breakthrough pediatric medical research tool, and has demonstrated expertise in areas like AI, cloud-based systems, and HIPAA compliance. His career is marked by a blend of technical acumen and visionary leadership, driving transformative changes in healthcare technology.

Locera Vision

Founders: Rik Shorten, Ryan Shorten, Dave Chong

Locera Vision has developed a patented, web based, digital vision therapy program that vastly improves depth perception and visual acuity in kids and teens.

Rik is an award winning content producer and original “SEE In 3D” program founder. Rik has a multifaceted background in both product and platform development in the entertainment and medical spaces. Rik has extensive new technology development experience in areas like XR, Gen AI and security applications.

Ryan Shorten has been managing corporate portfolio clients and expanding product markets. His background in Logistics and company operations spans more than 20 years.

Dave Chong has an extensive commercial business deveopment and investment background. He has worked with medical surgical startups and web-based product companies

Home Health Pro LLC

Founders: Stephen Levi Carter, MBA PMP & Dr Sterling L. Carter, DPT

HomeHealthPRO’s marketplace mitigates the issues of staffing shortage and increasing labor costs experienced by home health agencies. It also integrates staffing with patient documentation to streamline the billing process, differentiating HomeHealthPRO from other staffing solutions.

Dr. Sterling Carter, Co-Founder & Partner: Dr. Carter is an innovative executive and marketing professional with 15 years of clinic management experience. He has experience delivering client-focused solutions based on customer needs. He has created three new healthcare-related businesses in the last five years, which resulted in over $8 million in gross revenue.

Stephen Levi Carter, MBA, PMP, Co-Founder & Partner: Mr. Carter is an executive leader with extensive experience in project management, financial management, strategic planning, and cost coordination. He has spearheaded the growth of a traditional brick-and-mortar staffing agency grossing $6M+ annually and has successfully launched six companies in the healthcare industry. Mr. Carter has also led multiple ERP implementations including products like SAP in Fortune 500 companies like Ensco and Exxon Mobil.


Founder: Dr. Lola Omishore

Imagine tech-advanced portable physical therapy clinics delivered within reach of all communities. At TheraMotive, they’re making this vision a reality. For clinicians & communities restricted by the rigid nature of traditional physical therapy clinics, TheraMotive pioneers tech-empowered portable clinics on-the-go designed to adapt, evolve, & literally move with you, making “Healthcare on Demand” accessible to every zip code.

Dr. Lola Omishore, founder of TheraMotive, brings more than ten years of expertise as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist, and Certified Athletic Trainer. She began her sports medicine career treating elite athletes globally with her ‘healthcare on demand’ model. Now, she’s bringing that same gold-medal-worthy care to everyone’s corner because access to top-notch healthcare isn’t a privilege, it’s a civil right


Founders: Renuka Agarwal, Eugene Fine

UpTrials is the first software solution for clinical research hiring, addressing industry understaffing that causes 80% of clinical trials to start late, take longer or terminate. Our marketplace technology connects employers with prescreened research professionals, helping employers hire better faster. UpTrials also enables research professionals to discover roles that fit their profiles, improving their hiring odds and job satisfaction.

Renuka is a healthcare and technology executive with experience at Tempus, LinkedIn, Genentech, Z.S. Associates, and Goldman Sachs. At Tempus, she was a Senior Director in Business Development for Clinical Trial Solutions, where she experienced the problem of clinical research understaffing firsthand. At LinkedIn, she also worked with the company’s recruiter product, so she understands staffing technology well.

Eugene has over 15 years of experience leading product development and technology teams. He has built healthcare software as the former CTO of ExplORer Surgical, a surgical software company that successfully exited to GHX in 2021.


Founders: Joel Stephano, Alejandro Serrano, Laura Davies, Maria Freitas

uMore enables clinicians to get reimbursed for remotely monitoring the mental health of their patients. Patients use an evidence-based smartphone app to measure and monitor how they feel. The clinical data collected is shared with clinicians on a light dashboard, which can be integrated into their clinical workflows.

Dr. Laura Davies is a psychiatrist who has worked in private practice and research for decades. She advised on the Obamacare campaign and is familiar with US-based healthcare regulations.

Maria (COO) worked for Leo Pharma with the digital portfolio of health tech apps they invested in. She has worked first-hand on MDR in the EU.

Joel (CEO) co-founded GeoComply at 19, and scaled their engineering team from 0-50. Today, GeoComply is a unicorn.

Alejandro (CPO) is a former researcher in clinical psychology and has experience building mental health tracking tools and interventions.

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