Bright Spot: Nouri

Jul 29, 2019


Meet Caroline, Founder of Nouri:

Caroline Beckman believes that increasing life begins on the inside, a lesson that she learned through personal experience and professional opportunities.

After attending less than 2 weeks of college, Caroline joined the founding team of Suja Juice, the fastest growing cold-pressed juice company, and dropped out of school after 2 years to pursue Suja full-time as the VP of Special Projects (right-hand to CEO, Jeff Church). Caroline then was selected for the infamous Thiel Fellowship, a mentoring program created by Silicon Valley legend Peter Thiel that pays the best and brightest students $100,000 to drop out of college to build new things (like Nouri…).

Jumpstart Foundry’s Take:

Any movement towards transparency, whether it’s in price, supply chain, ingredients etc is a positive step for the healthcare industry. Part of Nouri’s strength is the clarity it brings to a complex issue that combines a product that works, education to consumers, a clean label, and a holistic approach to health.

Meet the Invisible Second Brain

A broken leg can be confirmed by the visible evidence of an x-ray. However health issues like lowered immunity, digestion problems, emotional stress, or even just feeling ‘off’ have been linked to something invisible- your microbiome.

“70% of your immune system is located in your gut and so many people constantly live with ailments and discomforts and are unaware that a lot of it begins in the gut” – Caroline

Research has confirmed the connection between the brain and the gut, influencing a rise in awareness. As the impact of the microbiome continues to be studied, companies have pushed products into the market that are less than quality and lacking efficacy. Clear information can get blurry, however recently there has been a radical shift in packaged foods and beverages, where consumers want to know what they are putting in their bodies, not unreadable ingredients. (What are Probiotics?)

Meet the Why

With seven years of experience in consumer goods and within the health and wellness industry, Caroline loves the intersection of business and health. She founded Nouri around the fundamentals of human health, not trends, and that is why she is passionate about developing products that take a proactive approach to their mind and body health.

“Our society is addicted to quick fixes, but health is not an instantaneous fix. I designed Nouri to meet consumers where they are at and bring them along with us”

Meet Nouri: the clean, sustainable, traceable probiotic + omega that’s supported by science


90% of how you feel starts in your gut. This means that supplementing your diet with a probiotic supports your immune system in staying strong against the attacks that are to come.

Nouri is the first-ever capsule to combine probiotics with omegas 3,6,9 to support the brain-gut connection, immunity, digestion, energy and more. (Further reading: Prebiotics vs. Probiotics)

Meet no BS

“Only 35% of probiotics on the market are supported by science and 65% of probiotics contain insufficient labeling, which means that if you were reading one of those labels, you wouldn’t have enough information to make an informed choice.”

Nouri’s efficacious blend of probiotics is novel, but ever more so having a clean label and a transparent supply chain. In fact, every bottle’s probiotic strain and omega can be traced back to its supplier. For Omegas, Nouri utilizes AhiFlowers which contains GLA, an Omega 6 that supports skin health and hormonal balance, instead of fish oil, a more sustainable alternative.

In order to optimize absorption, Nouri capsules are sealed in a protective layer. To optimize delivery ( 6-8x more efficiently than the average probiotic) the capsules have been engineered with a delayed release technology.

Meet the future of probiotics

“In America, 85% of the healthcare system is devoted to health issues caused by lifestyle choices”

In order to take a proactive response to health instead of re-active, Caroline is focusing on providing education and raising awareness of the gut-brain connection in an approachable, holistic way.

Meet what’s next

The Nouri is growing in team members, sales, and partners. Keep your eyes out on the shelves of large grocery retailers for Nouri soon. We are thrilled for Nouri to be part of our 2019 Portfolio and are excited for what’s ahead!

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