The Top 10 Podcasts for Healthcare Innovators

Feb 4, 2020

As an innovator, your mind is constantly trying to maximize every chance to add more knowledge to your mental file cabinets. Luckily for multitaskers like yourself, the podcast medium provides the perfect opportunity to seamlessly consume and engage with any topic — from quantum physics to stand-up comedy to love stories to tales of entrepreneurial success — all at the touch of a finger.


Podcasts are currently hitting goals that no audio medium has ever been able to reach before. According to a January 2020 study, the total number of podcasts has risen to over 820,000 with over 28 million episodes available across multiple listening platforms, the most popular being: Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and TuneIn.

Listening to podcasts stimulates:

  • The clarity of thinking and speaking
  • Personalized integration of habits
  • The practice of passive listening
  • Space for being honest with yourself and the world

Most people (especially startup founders) don’t have time to read a 20,000-word article, but the integrative podcast structure allows long-form content to be digested in a convenient, accessible way that works with a busy schedule. So put your headphones in, tune the world out and you might be surprised at what you learn from these top 10 podcasts for healthcare entrepreneurs:

1) Business of Health Care

Every week, the Business of Health Care podcast reports on beneficial new services, innovative procedures and technologies and helps listeners navigate of the maze of regulations, terminology and codes that can make the healthcare system seem intimidating. Hosted by Glen Robinson, president of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center–Hillcrest.

2) Medtech Talk

The Medtech Talk podcast features entrepreneurs, investors and executives who spend their days developing the tools that make sick people well and healthcare more efficient. If you want to stay current on which innovators and innovations will be transforming how we deliver healthcare, this is a podcast that you’ll want to check out.

3) The Go-Giver Podcast 

Bob Burg hosts the Go-Giver Podcast and also authored one of the best-selling business books, The Go-Giver. The podcast narrative follows a powerful business idea that focuses on the power and benefits of giving. The “Go-Giver” ideology revolves around five laws of stratospheric success:

  • The Law of Value: The amount of value you provide to your prospects against the payment you take determines your true worth
  • The Law of Compensation: The number of people you serve and how well you serve them determines your income
  • The Law of Influence: How generously you place other’s interests first determines your influence
  • The Law of Authenticity: The most valuable gift you can offer to your prospects is yourself
  • The Law of Receptivity: The key to giving is to stay open to receiving

4) 15 Minutes with the Doctor

Host Vinay Shankar shares the stories of healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators who are growing their unique ideas. Learn from their journeys, including successes and mistakes, so you can make something better in healthcare and grow your OWN idea. Each episode covers key strategies, interesting concepts and offers actionable tips and tricks for navigating the healthcare landscape.

5) Outcomes Podcast

The Outcomes Podcast is the shared hub for healthcare’s toughest problems. The goal is twofold and clear:

  1. Improve patient outcomes
  2. Experience business success in the healthcare field

Host Saul Marquez invites respected members of the healthcare community to discuss topics like, “How to Innovate Systems, Service Models and Products,” “Strengthening Your Corporate Message in Healthcare,” “How to Synchronize Patient Engagement with Modern Lifestyles” and more.

6) The HCBiz Show

Hosted by Donald Lee and Shahid Shah, the premise behind HCBiz is that there’s no such thing as “just innovating.” Sure, you may have a great idea but if you don’t understand the complex dynamics of the healthcare business, you’ll never gain traction.

The hosts dive into the issues that impede change, explain why they exist and find ways to work through them. The goal is to create a space for innovation in healthcare through technology and workflow. Lee and Shah also explore health policy, administration and the psychology behind it all so you can effectively market your ideas to healthcare leaders and get the sale.

7) Innovation Activists: Designing Healthcare’s Future

Innovation Activists: Designing Health Care’s Future is hosted by Dr. Reed Omary and is broadcast out of Nashville, Tennessee, where health care, innovation and education intersect. The show addresses some of healthcare’s biggest challenges while providing innovators – past, present and future – with practical advice on how to design a future that better serves patients, colleagues, organizations and society as a whole.

In each episode, Dr. Reed Omary sits down with healthcare innovators such as: Dr. William DeVries, who performed the first artificial heart transplant on a human patient in 1982, Dr. André Churchwell, Professor of Medicine, Radiology and Biomedical Engineering, and Chief Diversity Officer at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and entrepreneurs like Susan Bratton, Founder and CEO of Savor Health, an artificial intelligence-based company that designs personalized nutrition plans for cancer patients.

8) Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain helps curious people understand the world–and themselves. Host Shankar Vedantam explains how to use science and storytelling to reveal the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior, shape our choices and direct our relationships.

One notable episode titled, “Creatures Of Habit: How Habits Shape Who We Are — And Who We Become,” dives into the ‘why ‘ behind familiar things we do everyday, over and over and over again, often without thinking. This episode helps explain how habits shape the course of our lives and how we can use them to make positive changes by leveraging brain ‘friction.’

9) Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy

Want to learn how to leverage your healthcare knowledge to start or grow a business?

The Healthcare Entrepreneur Academy podcast presents interviews with real-world healthcare entrepreneurs and other leading business experts. On each interview episode, host Jason A. Duprat will deconstruct each guest’s playbook for success so that you can learn ideas, strategies and insights that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey. You can also follow Jason’s personal entrepreneurial journey on his bite-sized “Tactical Tuesday” solo episodes!

10) Health Tech Podcast

Focused on health tech innovators, this regular podcast is sponsored by Providence St Joseph’s Digital Innovation Group and skews toward guests and topics from the Pacific Northwest. The region is home to Amazon and a variety of movers and shakers in digital health, so there is plenty to talk about each month. The Health Tech Podcast goes in-depth with innovators bringing new ideas and ingenuity to health and wellness.

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