The Top 5 Pieces of Advice All Healthcare Founders Should Hear

Aug 4, 2020

Top 5 Pieces of Advice for healthcare founders.jpgThe growing demand for digital healthcare services in America has become more crucial than ever before, especially in the fight against COVID-19. Healthcare providers are becoming more and more reliant on technology to deliver their services and startup founders are hustling to deliver solutions that can help the growing needs in the healthcare space. Like all industries, founding a new healthcare business can be challenging. However, with the right information, a well-developed strategy, and adequate preparation, founders can achieve great success in their ventures.

That’s why we’ve gathered these top five pieces of advice that have proven to help healthcare startups transform their ideas and innovations into profitable ventures.

1. Conduct Market Research

Market research is perhaps one of the most important aspects in the preliminary stages of business development. As a healthcare entrepreneur, your goal is to meet public needs and solve specific problems with innovative ideas. Conducting market research is key to identifying these healthcare issues, needs, gaps, and requirements in your locality. This will help you determine how to make your product or service most relevant and valuable to your target consumers.

2. Know the Rules and Regulations

Healthcare is a difficult industry to navigate. There are many local and federal regulatory bodies that are mandated to enforce rules and regulations governing the administration of healthcare services and products. Between HIPPA, the FDA, HHS, and more, it is imperative for a healthcare entrepreneur to be aware of such rules, regulations, norms, and ethics in order to remain compliant. Here are 5 important regulations in United States healthcare that you need to familiarize yourself with to avoid trouble in your healthcare business.


3. Build a Strong Strategic Team

You probably have heard a million times that “teamwork makes the dream work,” and in your healthcare startup, nothing could be more true. In order to have a successful business, you need the right team players who can pilot your vision into fruition. You need a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who can serve as subject-matter-experts to collaborate and coordinate the day-to-day execution of your business.

Building a strong team that understands your vision, mission and passion will serve as the strong support system required to activate your business plan, and continually grow it into fruition. Check out a recent webinar we hosted discussing how to effectively hire for your healthcare startup.

4. Choose Investors Wisely

Consider your investors as your “marriage partner(s)” who will have a long-term relationship with you. Finding the right investors must be done strategically when building your healthcare business as a founder. While it’s nice to raise any type of capital, finding a capital partner that understands the industry you are in can make all the difference in the world when growing your company. Try and find investors that understand the unique problems your company is addressing for a more strategic relationship that can benefit your company in the long run.

5. Stay Dedicated and Committed

Your dedication and commitment to your company is crucial for the long-term success of your company. Dedicate yourself to the process of growing your business by exploring startup resources, current and emerging trends in healthcare innovations to be on top of the game, and continually investing in self care so you can lead your team effectively.

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