Hiring For Healthcare Startups – Best Practices to Follow

Jul 31, 2020

Hiring for a Healthcare Startup

Hiring for a Healthcare Startup: Best Practices to Follow

You have a brilliant healthcare startup idea. You have finally secured investors and funding you need to successfully jump-start your company. You will definitely need a team of talented professionals who do not only have the expertise but also, people who believe in your vision, share your passion, and have the drive to help your company succeed.


Like all other companies, hiring for healthcare startups can be challenging. Hiring, retaining, and developing your healthcare team goes beyond posting job descriptions and requirements on LinkedIn and other job boards to find the best candidates for your company. Brian Dougherty, COO at Jumpstart Foundry, and Bryce Jenney, Business Performance Advisor at Insperity shared strategic key strategies to help you hire and retain your next top candidate.

In this webinar they discuss:

  • Identifying Company Culture
  • Where To Find Top Candidates
  • How To Retain Your Employees

Webinar Highlights

Determining Your Company’s Culture

Company culture has become an essential part of every company’s success as the professional workplace continues to evolve. Your company culture reflects your values, helps retain your employees and also adds to your brand identity. Think of company culture as the oil of your startup engine that empowers your employees to move, think and execute without friction. Creating a strategic company culture that reflects your ideals, beliefs and values is essential in attracting and retaining the greatest talent you will need to drive your healthcare startup.

Finding The Right Candidate

Finding the right talent for your team can be extremely rewarding, but the process can be challenging. Talent is everywhere, but where do you find it? Before setting out to find a new candidate, it is important to take a step back and identify the talent you currently have on your team. Your first hire should be someone with leadership capabilities who can in turn point you in the right direction later on.

As your company grows, your existing employees can be great sources of recommendations that can point you in the right direction. Your current team can help you identify additional talents your company needs to function effectively. Over time, job boards like LinkedIn have proven to be effective platforms for searching for top candidates. Additionally, job fairs at colleges and partnerships with specific programs in some key universities are rewarding strategies that can help your company find top candidates in the hiring process.

Retaining Your Employees

After hiring your best candidate as the best fit for your respective position in your healthcare startup, you have another great challenge to retaining them. Employees may be receiving different job poaches with more competitive salary offers. The following key points will help your employees focus on the success of your company.

  • Offer competitive non-cash compensations
  • Flexible conditions at workplace
  • Show interest in their personal development
  • Encourage healthy working relationships
  • Establish personal relationships

Key Takeaways

  1. Company culture is important in hiring for your healthcare startup
  2. Before you set out to hire, understand why you need the candidate you need.
  3. You have the option to outsource from vendor partners
  4. It is your responsibility to retain your employee
  5. Understand the legalities in HR for your healthcare startup

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