Webinar: The Jumpstart Refinery

Feb 28, 2019

Jumpstart Refinery is how we add strategic value and provide a clear path for our founders.

Too often investors do little beyond providing capital to help founders succeed, however; we acknowledge that money is simply not enough. We help our portfolio companies focus on a series of milestones in their journey to successfully launch, build and scale a successful, innovative health business. When companies join Jumpstart, they gain access to The Refinery. It saves founders time and allows them to focus on the most important parts of their business. In this webinar, Managing Director, Eller Mallchok, discusses…
  • Who we are (0:00- 1:39)
  • The Brio Ecosystem (1:40- 3:03 )
  • The JSF Team (3:05- 4:09)
  • Our Why and the Health Innovation Imperative ( 4:11- 5:39)
  • Our Unique Approach to Venture Capital (5:40-8:42)
  • The JS Refinery (8:44-21:39)
    • Blueprint (8:44-10:56)
    • Connect (10:57-19:26)

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