Formation To Exit: A Founder’s Perspective Post-Acquisition – Jumpstart Distilled with Eller Mallchok feat Rob Derricotte

Feb 24, 2021

Formation To Exit: A Founder’s Perspective Post-Acquisition –


In this episode of Jumpstart Distilled, Eller Mallchok interviews Rob Derricotte, Co-Founder and COO of Amblyotech, acquired by Novartis earlier in 2020. Rob shares his experience in the early days of founding Amblyotech and what it was that initially attracted him to the opportunity. Rob also shares insights on what he most values in his co-founders.  Eller & Rob dive into some of the critical decisions that he and Joe made that were instrumental in growing Amblyotech and bringing the startup successfully across the acquisition finish line. Rob wraps up the episode with advice for fellow founders who are preparing for or going through an acquisition.

Watch Eller and Rob's discussion to learn how to learn how to prepare your startup for acquisition

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