How Changes in Healthcare Policies Impact Startups’ Business Models

Nov 20, 2020

How Changes in Healthcare Policies Impact Startups’ Business Models

Policies provide clarity. However, it sometimes feels like navigating a maze to understand the intricacies and impact of various healthcare policies on your business. Having a good grasp on policy changes and how they might influence business models is critical for healthcare entrepreneurs. 

Policy drives market dynamics in the healthcare industry. A shift in policy could very easily shift who your target customer is, how much that customer will be reimbursed for certain activities, and what incentives they are working with. Essentially, it can impact your business model or go-to-market strategy in major ways.

In this webinar, Jumpstart Foundry Managing Director Eller Mallchok hosted Emily Evans, Managing Director at Health Policy, Hedgeye Risk Management to unearth major healthcare policy trends and how changes in these policies can impact business models for healthcare Eller and Emily discussed;

  • How to decipher new regulations for those that don’t have hours to pour over legal documents
  • A number of healthcare policy trends that will impact the industry over time
  • How entrepreneurs can position themselves for success in the long run

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