Self-Care 101 for Startup Founders

Jan 28, 2020

Self-care is a necessity in the midst of running a business and startup founders need to understand this more than anyone…

Whether you’re a founder or wish to be one, you can start your year off the right way by checking out Part One of our three-part webinar series, “Self-Care 101 For Startup Founders” hosted by certified life coach, speaker and entrepreneur, Sarah Hodges.

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We were delighted to partner with Sarah for a webinar series focused on ways that startup founders can practice meaningful self-care in the workplace and at home.

In Part One, Sarah broke down:

1) The reasons why caring for yourself is so important

2) How it makes you a better and more effective leader

3) How it can affect your fundraising goals to help you make more money

During the webinar, Sarah addressed the ‘bullshit’ notion that “if I overwork myself now, it will pay off in the end.” She called it the ‘Heaven’s Reward Fallacy,’ and explained how, as a founder, stretching yourself so thin can take a massive toll on your efficiency, productivity and ability to lead a company. 

Sarah dove into the neurophysiological ways of how stress affects the body and the mind. Chronic stress basically ‘hijacks’ your prefrontal cortex, making recovery (aka self-care) absolutely essential for brain clarity and efficiency. But, how can you accomplish this when you barely even have time to prepare food for yourself or do your laundry at night?

Start by changing your inner-monologue! Get to know your ‘inner a-hole,’ or the voice in your head that tries to put you down or hold you back, and start replacing it with your ‘inner cheerleader.’ Sarah describes different methods that you can use to do this and practice self-compassion in order to neutralize your response to high-stress situations and get your brain back.

Check out the full webinar video to learn about all the ways to practice self-care as a founder. Be sure to look out for Part Two, “How Better Self-Care Makes You a Better Leader,” coming in the next month!

sarah hodgesSarah Hodges, is a certified coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and creator of the A+ Method™ for Sustainable Growth. The powerful A+ Method™ helps clients get out of their own way to excel in business and thrive in life.  Sarah’s passion for personal growth began after her struggle with obesity and depression as a professional musician and opera singer.

After losing 90 pounds and transforming her own life, she sought out extensive education in the science of behavior change. In the five years since, she has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their careers and lives from the inside-out in record time. Sarah is certified by the International Coach Federation and NeuroLeadership Institute.

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