Jumpstart Success Stories: Caroline Beckman, CEO & Founder of Nouri

Feb 28, 2020

Thinking about applying for funding with Jumpstart? Let one of our Founders tell you everything you need to know.

In this webinar, Eller Mallchok, Jumpstart Foundry Managing Director, sits down with Caroline Beckman, Founder & CEO of Nouri, to discuss her experience applying for funding with Jumpstart, getting accepted and ultimately joining the 2019 JSF portfolio cohort.

About Nouri

Today, over one billion people worldwide are suffering from gut-related diseases. This problem costs America more than $136 billion dollars a year to treat, more than heart disease, trauma or mental illness. 74% of the population is living with gut ailments and only half of them ever report them to their doctors. Nouri’s probiotics are developed with quality over quantity in mind, with over 25 clinical studies supporting the probiotic strains and Ahiflower oil.

Nouri  delivers probiotics and plant-based omega oil  in one capsule, so your body receives double benefits with just one daily effort.

In the Webinar

During the webinar, Caroline recounts her experience with the JSF application process, challenges she faced while bringing Nouri to market and the role that Jumpstart played in helping the company achieve success.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A brief recount of Caroline’s background and her journey to founding her most successful entrepreneurial venture, Nouri

  • Factors that attracted her to apply for funding with Jumpstart 

  • Common hesitations that many founders experience before applying and how the JSF team quickly alleviated those concerns through communication and transparency

  • Ways that JSF helped grow Nouri as a business and further develop Caroline’s leadership skills

  • Genuine advice to early-stage healthcare startup founders who are considering applying for investment

  • Caroline was also very excited to announce that in February, Nouri probiotics have been distributed and will be sold in Whole Foods stores nationwide!

Nouri Product Image

Each year, Jumpstart aims to find 15-20 early-stage startup founders and help them cut down on trial and error. We accomplish this by making a capital investment of $150K and providing strategic support and mentorship through the Jumpstart Refinery and Connect Programs. If you’re ready to ‘jumpstart’ your health innovation company, fill out the application to be considered for funding.

Want to learn more about the perks of working with us? This webinar is a great place to start.

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