Managing Startup Goals with OKRs

May 12, 2020

How are you managing your startup goals?

In planning for the year ahead, Jumpstart held an all-day offsite meeting back in November to reassess our mission statement, company values and set goals for each department that would ultimately bring the team closer to success as a whole. During the offsite, Brian Dougherty, Jumpstart’s Chief Operations Officer, introduced and implemented a new framework for defining, tracking and achieving objectives called OKRs.

OKR stands for “objectives and key results.” OKRs include an objective—a clearly defined goal—and one or more key results—specific measures used to track the achievement of that goal. The OKR framework was created to clearly define the process of achieving a goal through concrete, specific and measurable actions.

During the first week of May 2020, Brian partnered with Eller Mallchok, JSF’s Managing Director, to record a live webinar where they discussed the magic of OKRs and how the framework can help your company track progress, encourage engagement and create alignment around measurable goals.


Topics covered in the webinar:

1) What are OKRs? Background and definition

2) How to implement the OKR framework: Setting due dates, prioritizing key results and tracking your progress

3) Benefits of using the OKR system and how it helped Jumpstart reach the lofty goals we set for ourselves

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